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I'm Tavi! I have been working with technology since the second I could get my hands on a keyboard.  It's not just something I do, it is something I love. 

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I am a follower of Christ, Wife, Mom and keeper of 3 of the best cats. You can find me at home drawing, crochetting and watching Bob's Burgers.. probably at the same time. 


I got into this business because of how much I absolutely love doing all things digital. I grew up taking every computer class that came my way and then throughout the years I made graphics for friends, took a billion photos of all of my college roommates, and helped my friends by coding myspace pages so they could be cool in 2006. I have always had a passion for learning new things and honestly every day I get to do that because technology is ever changing. 

What can I do for you?

  • Branding​

  • Merch

  • Logos

  • Event Graphics

  • Ads & Promos

  • Signage & Banners

  • Menus

  • Stickers, Labels, Etc.

  • Website Building

  • Web Editing

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Anything You Need

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