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I work with you to get the logo you not only want but need!

$15 an hour (30-40 hours)

I work will work with you produce the best graphics for your merch needs. I have worked with vital industries in Rhinelander, WI which produces extremely great quality merch.  This will include unique graphics for your company, working with you and vendors to get you and them all the files and information that you need and continuing the communication between you and the vendors for a stress free process. 

$150 - 100 count 3in x 3in sticker pack

$75 - 50 count 3in x 3in sticker pack

$50 - 25 count 3in x 3in sticker pack

Looking for a custom sticker for your business, event or just because you like stickers? Look no further! this is my favorite thing to do and there are fun stickers all over town from tlainey!


$15 an hour + Wix Plan (about $350 for 2 years) + Domain Fee (about $150 for 5 years)

The last 2 fees are done through you.  This is to get your website up and running and is a very typical yearly fee that every website company has. This is still cheaper that the set up and maintenance fees of most of my competitors.  A website can take me anywhere from 8-20 hours of work and can be discussed during our website planning meeting! :D

$15 an hour (8-20 hours)

Do you already have your domain and website hosting program that you go through, but you are looking for an upgrade? This is what you are looking for!



Rhinelander only. 3 outdoor locations & 3 outfits.


Rhinelander only. 3 outdoor locations. 3 hours max.

D I S C L A I M E R:

I do not print pictures or charge for printing pictures.  I do have a website that I go through that is for professional prints, but I will give you their prices and not make profit off of them. I feel this is only fair since I'm not printing the pictures myself.  I have worked with many different stores that print photos and will help you in any way you need to get them printed.  By doing this you are getting a great discount because this is where the high prices come from in photography!

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